Over 25 years of Driver Training sets us apart from others.

Turramurra's local driving school!

There is nothing better than passing your driving test first go!

You want to get your licence on the first try, right? Do it with Turramurra Driving School, servicing the Upper North Shore.

Turramurra Driving School's principal instructor will make sure you’re fully prepared to take your driving test, so you have a great chance of walking in and driving out with confidence.

Making you a safe responsible driver is the main priority. Defensive driving techniques will be of high importance in your tuition.You can also be assured of having a patient and friendly instructor who has over 25 years driver training experience.Your instructor will be a member of the Australian Driver Trainers Association and fully insured for driver training.

Also provided by Turramurra Driving School are Older Driver Assessments. Rehabilitation training, and overseas license conversions. 


When you enrol at Turramurra Driving School you can expect:

  • A patient and friendly instructor.
  • A systematic approach to building up your driving confidence and proficiency.
  • Opportunity to log three hours for one hour's training as per R.M.S. approval.
  • Lots of fun and a high chance of obtaining a first time pass.
  • Hours of training to suit your requirements at a price you can afford!

I would highly recommend Turramurra Driving School for your Driving Lessons.

Both my brother and I were successful in passing our driving test on our first attempt after having a few lessons, with Roy. The teaching style is patient, methodical and intelligent, and will assist you in not only passing your test comfortably, but also ingrain in you a set of skills that will help you become a better driver for life.

Curtis M.

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Student Testimonials

Danielle B.         

"Passed my test first go! Excellent price and well worth it, as my parents often remark. I am a much safer driver due to Roy. I am now one of the only people amongst my friends who can actually reverse parallel park as well. Very happy with this school". -Dani

Nick Y.                

"What can I say? Roy is fantastic. Originally, I was with another driving instructor. But his rates and mediocrity simply drove me away. I was referred to Roy by my friend, and I've no regrets. Not only did I pass my red P's test on the first go, I've now the skills necessary to be a safe driver. This is from a happy driver!"  -Nick

Nicole D.             

"I highly recommend this driving school to anyone who wants to learn how to drive on a manual car. I tried another driving school and the instructor was hopeless, so I changed to Roy and straight away my driving improved and became more confident. Roy teaches good driving habits, and handy tricks for how to reverse parallel park and do hill starts with minimal fuss. I've been driving for 8 years now and have never had a fine / ticket or a single accident or scratch on my car."


Lizelle H.              

"I would recommend this driving school to anyone who wants to learn how to drive. The patient and precise teachings of Roy will have you taking your driving test with confidence. I passed my test first time round then went back to him a second time to learn how to drive a manual car. My friends are always asking me to park their cars for them as good training has made my parallel parks flawless. Thank you Turramurra driving school!"


Steve W.               

"Having recently returned from living in Istanbul. I approached Roy to teach my son Josh the finer points of driving. Although Josh had some driving experience in Australia, he needed expert advice and tuition to prepare him for the actual driving test. Roy's approach was very friendly and his patient and skillful approach led to Josh passing his test with flying colours. 

Thank you, Roy."